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My name is Katie and I am the designer and maker behind Betty Louise Studio products.  For as long as I can remember, I have always had the desire to create.  I love working with my hands - I studied Sculpture in college and have forever been drawn to 3-dimensional work and design.  There is nothing more fascinating to me than being able to take a material, transform it and bring it to life by creating something entirely new that hadn't existed before.      

The Story

Betty Louise Studio has been in the making since I was a little girl.  My family has always been supportive of my artistic pursuits, which brings me to the namesake of my business.  Betty Louise is the name of my late maternal grandmother who was so much more than a grandmother; I called her "Mum".  (I felt really lucky growing up because I had two amazing women in my life that I got to call Mom!)  To say that my grandmother was talented is an understatement.  She could cook and sew better than anyone and to this day is the most kind and generous person I have ever met. 

When my grandmother passed away, I inherited the sewing table that my grandfather built for her as well as her sewing machine.  She is now always with me when I spend time in my studio and is a part of everything I create.  It seems fitting that this endeavor should be named after her.


Style & Quality - 100% Handmade

When you choose Betty Louise Studio products, you are choosing an original, handcrafted design.  Each item is created using carefully selected materials of the highest caliber.  Inspired by life in Maine, my work is representative of the state's heritage of the working waterfront, the tall pines, lakes region and breathtaking mountains.  Whether you choose a woolen accessory, doll or stuffed animal - every piece is intended to be a statement piece of heirloom quality.